We from “Lo Spela” follow the
tradition and enrich it
introducing modern ideas to
satisfy taste and lightness.


The flours that we use for ours
pizzas come from 100%
climatic selection grains, stone-milled and rich in wheat, in order to ease the digestion
and a lower glycemic peak.

All the doughs are leavened
for a minimum of 24 hours, up to 72 hours.

We only use fresh products for all our courses, favoring the
organic and local ones.


Snacks and Desserts
We put the same commitment and the same passion
in the preparation of snacks and desserts, which are entirely homemade
with products we carefully research, and for this reason we are committed to
review and improve our offer each
three / four months, also following
our customers’ preferences.


As for the drinks, we looked for
craft beers and wines that you can
pair perfectly with all the various courses,
not forgetting
the enhancement of local products


We from “Lo Spela” care a lot about the service provided, and our staff is
available to explain all the research work and production of our courses and
to accompany you during this experience.

The sharing

“This word is at the base of Lo Spela’s philosophy, with two precise meanings:

• The sharing of our contemporary pizzas which are cut into 8 slices,
so that everyone at the table can live, and share,
the same dining experience.

• Sharing and comparing the work we do, with our customers, with
constant frankness to your advices and suggestions, in order to improve always. ”

La Botteghina

With the same philosophy, at the entrance at “Lo Spela”, you will find our botteghina, where you can
choose some homemade products, and others carefully selected…